Thomas Hofmann

Agile Coach & Cycling Athlete

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Why Agile and Cycling?

I have been an Agile Coach for many years and also a passionate cycling athlete. Cycling is one of the most complex and challenging discipline in sports. In the business world it’s quite the same. A lot of business enterprises struggle to manage complex situations and find it hard to adapt.

To master challenging endeavors, whether in cycling or business, we need a vision, a strategy and motivation. To reach our goals we have to dream, act, measure, inspect, learn and adapt, but also to lead. Agile mindset and methods are predestined to overcome these challenges.

I have a little cycling team. It consists of a rider (it’s me), a coach (it’s me) and a mechanic (it’s also me). In my blog I tell some stories about cycling challenges. My agile mindset helps me to deal with unforeseeable events during preparations (training), but also during the cycling activities (racing or touring). I have had to find ways to adapt to new situations.

Explore What I'm Doing

I help and support with the challenges of our time: The world is characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

Both companies and individuals are looking for solutions to these problems.

With deep and practical experience using Agile Methodologies I design executable strategies to manage risks while securing business value.

I believe that the strengths of every organization lie in its diversity and that dealing effectively and efficiently with complex challenges requires a careful balance between data-driven analysis and interpersonal relationships.

My approach combines evidence-based methods with agile adaptability and a deep understanding of complex systems to ensure sustainable success. I attach great importance to respectful and appreciative interactions because I am convinced that motivated and committed teams are the driving force behind every successful organization.



Managing and participating in (scaled) product delivery using Scrum, Kanban and the Nexus framework. Applying appropriate agile practices and scaling fundamentals to (multiple) Scrum Teams working together.

Change Management

Successfully accompany and sustainably support people in small and large organizations in agile transformation processes as a servant leader and agile coach.


 Coaching how agility adds value to your organization and why leadership support of agile teams is essential to achieving organizational agility. Supporting leaders and their teams to help them achieve higher performance.

Evidence Based Management

Helping organizations with an empirical approach  to continuously improve. Enabling agility by measuring value toward strategic goals through the management of customer outcomes, organizational capabilities, and business results.